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Arizona has long been known as a haven for underground warehouse and desert raves. Spanning back 25+ years the dwellers of this desert city have sought out the pounding beats of electronic dance music. As the scene developed it legitimized, moving from illegal warehouse parties to night clubs, venues and massive arenas.

Keeping The Rave Alive” is an international tour, podcast and clothing brand pioneered by Kutski and his team in the UK. With the primary objective of brining patrons an ‘Old School’ rave vibe capped with a ‘Nu-School’ touch.

When we originally inquired with the KTRA team about bringing their party to Arizona we knew it would be a perfect fit for the Arzina Ravers because of this.

The Arizona stop was special in a lot of ways, it brought together the community in an intimate setting…

The line-up included of course Kutski as well as legendary Happy Hardcore artist Mark Breeze, and the up and coming Freestyle artist Nodari, as the headliners. However in true rave fashion featured a plethora of music being featured by Arizona’s top local DJ’s and producers. Kutski even did us the honor of direct recording his set from KTRA-Arizona as an episode for his Keeping The Rave Alive podcast.

With music ranging from Happy Hardcore, Hardstyle, Dubstep, Hard Bass, Trapstyle, Bass House, Melbourne Bounce; there was literally something for everyone on this lineup. What made this event so special wasn’t only the diversity of the music being played but how it was programmed and the instructions given to the artists.

Most local DJ’s are advised to not out play the headliner and generally hold back the energy on their sets… I never thought that was the way it should be done. Each local DJ was told to play as heavy as possible. They were programmed on the lineup in a way to ensure flow with their respective style.

As you walked into the doors at Club Red and got your tickets checked in you were greeted with a pile of lollypops, bubble gum and glow sticks, a free gift for all ravers coming into the doors. Wrapped around the corner the second stage was decked out with black lights from front to back, room kept dark with the bass rumbling through the walls. A black light painter worked quietly in the corner, selling his art and face painting patrons. Heading into the big room you were welcomed by the pillar of LED walls that illuminated the entire area.

Hundreds of ravers, dancing to beats that controlled them. A unified crowd of new and old school ravers moved as one.

There’s something hypnotizing about watching a crowd like that.

Thank-you everyone who came out. We’ll see you next year.


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