New World Talent Agency: The New Kids On The Hard Dance Block

Earlier last week Facebook was blitzed with the message:

“Discover The New World… ”
New World Talent Agency

And a lot of people have been asking; who, what, where when and why. Well, I’ll be happy to fill you in on the details along with NWTA’s (New World Talent Agency) official press statement.

Who: NWTA is a collective of American Hard Dance DJs, Producer’s and Promoters who’s primary mission is to broaden and widen Hard Dance Music as a whole.

What: Plain and simple it’s a talent agency. NWTA is looking to represent the next wave of quality Hard Dance artist’s. A new wave of fresh talent is out there to be discovered and NWTA is searching to find it, nurture it and help it to prosper and grow.

Where: NWTA is based in North America, where it will primarily focus its mission, but has contacts GLOBALLY.

When: Right now! NWTA is already creating a talented roster of some of the most elite Hard Dance artist in North America.

Why: currently in America NWTA feels like there are no stepping stones put in place for fresh talent. They wanted to create some way to edify and represent new talent and this was their answer.

As we anticipate a full artist roster from the agency we can expect to see new faces in Hard Dance coming to numerous raves, clubs and festivals across America and the globe. All being brought to you via New World Talent Agency.

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The official press release from New World Talent Agency is as follows:




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