What The F*ck is The DJ Mag Top 100

What The F*ck is The DJ Mag Top 100? Let’s just start off by saying I am by no means the all-knowing expert on the DJ Mag Top 100 list. Let me follow that statement by saying, what you’re about to read is objective… Or in less sophisticated words, something I don’t care enough at…

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BPMBoost Presents: Denver Hard Dance A Legacy Of Style

Born out of a noble cause, to unite the American Hard Dance scene. Denver Hard Dance has grown to an internationally recognized brand over a very short period of time. Established 2012, DHD originated as an event promotions company specializing in, you guessed it, Hard Dance in the Denver area. Having thrown successful events in…

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New World Talent Agency: The New Kids On The Hard Dance Block

Earlier last week Facebook was blitzed with the message: “Discover The New World… ” New World Talent Agency And a lot of people have been asking; who, what, where when and why. Well, I’ll be happy to fill you in on the details along with NWTA’s (New World Talent Agency) official press statement. Who: NWTA…

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BPM Boost: Exploring Hardcore: A Brief History

As the millennial generation hordes to the main stage festivals, the overplayed pop sensations and the Zach Efron wannabes, a sect of hard-mother-fuckers slowly grows in the darkness. Compared to their rainbow bright, happy-go-lucky EDM counterparts, these fans may seem the farthest thing from “Ravers” as the image MTV has painted for the general population.…

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Exploring Subground II: Hard Dance Hits The Clubs

Subground over the past five years has grown from a small idea, to a new genre of music all together. Staying relevant in today’s world means you need to constantly evolve your style. In Activator’s case, it was more or so to create an entirely new genre of music all together. Five years ago (2010)…

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BPM Boost: Exploring Subground

Subground is a fairly new Hard Dance genre, created in early 2011 by Activator. Initially inspired by the German producers Kamui and UK producers Organ Donors, he decided he wanted to create a new genre of Hard Dance music as an alternative to Hardstyle. He wanted to somehow combine the Hard Dance scene with the…

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BPM Boost: Exploring Rawstyle

If you’re a Hard Dance fan, you probably know what Rawstyle is about. With its reverse bass and distorted kick, this dark genre is a hit or miss for most! I decided to put forth a few newer tracks with reviews for listeners. I also had the opportunity to discuss the genre with local Arizona…

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BPM Boost: Hybrid Shows – Expanding The Hard Dance Scene

The AZ Hard Dance scene exists, but has significantly fallen into the shadows with the rise of other mainstream EDM genres. When I say ‘mainstream’ I mean the Electronic Dance Music that appears in the Top 40’s on the radio or the music people dance to in clubs. In the recent EDM scene there are droves…

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