Artist Spotlight

BPMBoost Presents: Kustki

A true DJ is someone who embodies everything there is about the craft. Between mixing, cutting, track selection, their ability to read a crowd and most importantly their true dedication to sharing the music that they love most, with as many ears as humanly possible. Few hold to that mantra like the UK’s No. 1…

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Nodari Brings The Feels With New Track "Nova"

Nodari, as some may know is a rising talent in Hard Dance Music, hailing from North America. His tracks are continuing to push the boundaries of what some would consider Hardstyle. His experimental sound ranges from Dubstep to Reverse Bass to Happy Hardcore and back, and every release is something different. His new track “Nova”…

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BPMBoost Presents: NONToxic

It’s that time of the month again!… No, not that one. The next episode of our podcast is up and running, this time brought to you by our good friends NONToxic. No strangers to the streets of L.A. they’ve been blasting beats at parties since early 2015.  The duo, who plays Basscon shows quite frequently…

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Take Me – NOA

Just this weekend, the mysterious NOA surfaced on multiple social media platforms and sparked interest in the Hard Dance community with the release of a track. The track starts out with what sounds like an intro to perhaps a liquid Drum and Bass song. Reverse bass succeeds the tune, and drops to Trap in between verses.…

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Troy Acevedo

Experience American Hard Dance With: Mekanikal

  Mekanikal aka Kyle Jensen has been busy… Real busy, but luckily we got a chance to have a 1-on-1 with him recently to talk; tunes, career and Hardstyle. Defqon.1 NL 2013,  Tomorrowworld USA, EDC LV, Qontinent and most recently at Insomniac’s Basscon : Wasteland, Mekanikal has brought the sounds of Hardstyle from sea to…

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Enter The Psychedelic Wasteland With Toneshifterz

Whats with Australia and producing some of the best Hard Dance producers on the planet? It’s almost like living in a place where everything is trying to kill you is the perfect catalyst to make great Fucking Hardstyle. Toneshifterz starting as a duo as far back as 2009 have done leaps and bounds since inception. Releases…

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BPMBoost Presents: Reactor

It’s been a little while since we’ve been able to do a podcast episode. With a little help from our friends Reactor we were able to bring it back with a bang! Based out of NYC Reactor has been busy. This past December the guys had the opportunity to play in the Netherlands at Hard With…

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Headhunterz – How I Really Feel About EDM

Over a year ago the prodigy child of Hardstyle posted a heartfelt letter to his fans, stating that he loved them, but his time with Hardstyle was over for the time being. From there what followed was completely out of character for the young DJ/Producer. No longer were we seeing HHZ playing on over the…

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