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Phobia: What Are You Scared Of?

SDK Events & BPMBoost present: Phobia 2018 Enter the show that will push the limits of your fears. Come face to face with your inner demons as your mind, body and soul syncs with the aggressive hard beats. Only those with the strongest of minds will make it out unscathed, with the rest surrendering to…

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Bodyshock x Angerfist: A Taste Of The New Album

If you haven’t already heard, maybe you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the Lord of Darkness Angerfist is releasing a new album this year. This will be his 6th album release following up from the utterly massive “Raise and Revolt” that was dropped in 2015. Today Bodyshock uploaded this track with Angerfist ft. Tha Watcher  “Blood For Blood”…

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Take Me – NOA

Just this weekend, the mysterious NOA surfaced on multiple social media platforms and sparked interest in the Hard Dance community with the release of a track. The track starts out with what sounds like an intro to perhaps a liquid Drum and Bass song. Reverse bass succeeds the tune, and drops to Trap in between verses.…

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