Bodyshock x Angerfist: A Taste Of The New Album

If you haven’t already heard, maybe you’ve been sleeping under a rock, the Lord of Darkness Angerfist is releasing a new album this year.

This will be his 6th album release following up from the utterly massive “Raise and Revolt” that was dropped in 2015.

Today Bodyshock uploaded this track with Angerfist ft. Tha Watcher  “Blood For Blood” on his YouTube account. In the description Bodyshock says “From my forthcoming album “Riot & Rise”.” which has a release date TBA.

This will be the young Hardcore artists 2nd album, following his debut with “The Search of Destruction.”

Any day with new Hardcore music is a good day, and with the release of this track the anticipation for both albums has definitely grown.

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